I have been so very busy finishing furniture orders, and oil paintings..just 4 more left! I posted a saying that I thought of on facebook the other day, and it goes like this…Employed: you have a job. Self emplyoyed: the job has you! That pretty much is how I have been feeling for the last year! I can’t wait to get back outside for some plein air work!!! There is nothing like that wide open landscape reference, and not to mention, the best lighting there is!

a peek at a corner hutch I am working on for a clientMineral King cabinFarewell Gap

Happy New Year

This year I am going to spend more time on my bike….and maybe just a little less time in front of a canvas. This does not mean I will not be painting every day!!I have been trying a bit of still life painting, and I am enjoying it…wow, never thought I would!!!


Red Rain Boots

The Last of Fall

New Art..

Hi,I am back….and now realizing that not “everyone” has facebook. I display my daily paintings on facebook, and sale many off of that. I am just finishing up Christmas jobs, which may be a little to wet to wrap!!! The gallery has been pretty steady. And I am fortunate to have a helping staff. Sue is in on Fridays, and Tina St. John has been in on Thursdays with her jewelry. And…thank you mom! (she has been feeling in when I need).

To enter the drawing to win this 8x10 oil, just go to my facebook page, Colors Art Gallery, and follow the instructions...good luck!

I started a painting yesterday at a beautiful creek on Kaweah River Dr.  The weather was perfect, then the wind picked up and down went my painting…a couple of times. That’s just part of the plein air experience I guess! I just have to make sure I pick out all the little pieces of  weeds and dirt!!!! It should be complete this afternoon, check back for a photo…



Painting a Day

Today I painted off of a photo I took in Harmony of the old Dodge pickup out back of the glass shop. I really wish I was there painting it, but this will have to do. I love that place!6×12 $95…….not sure why it turned out huge!

I have been painting away…I just haven’t posted in awhile. Here are some more of my painting a day pics.been painting plein air alot lately, and loving it. I forced myself to drag my supplies, and my butt out and about. Wow!! The lighting, the freshness, the great outdoors!! I really don’t want it any other way. Now to invent for myself some easy  canvas and oil carriers. I think I will just look online.

                                                                         N.Fork River, oil on canvas 24×36 $375

                                                                         Cool River, 12×12, $95

                                                                         Blue Door in Harmony, 12×12 $95

                                                                              Evening River, 30×36 $425  SOLD

                                                                                   River Trail, 12×12 $95

                                                                       Lonely Tree, 6×12  $45



I have been working on my paintings a day, haven’t quite found time to keep them posted on facebook and my blog.  Facebook seems to have alot more action for me , so untill I find more time that is where you will find the daily painting postings.

My seventh painting a day is of the lavender farm. I have been wanting to paint this adobe home for years, and finally I have! This painting is an oil on canvas, 24×36 and is $400

This one is 24″ x 36″, and is a painting of the Shatner ranch. The cost is $375. Thanks for being patient, I still have photos sitting somewhere in this blog….they are invisible to you, because I can’t figure out how to get them!!! Just when I thaught I had it all down.

Thanks to Nadi, I now am starting to post my painting a day.  I do think technology got the best of me…..hours wasted trying to figure this computer stuff out. Yet we all know there is not a place in the world without it!  Anyway, I am having fun with a painting a day.