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I have been so very busy finishing furniture orders, and oil paintings..just 4 more left! I posted a saying that I thought of on facebook the other day, and it goes like this…Employed: you have a job. Self emplyoyed: the job has you! That pretty much is how I have been feeling for the last year! I can’t wait to get back outside for some plein air work!!! There is nothing like that wide open landscape reference, and not to mention, the best lighting there is!

a peek at a corner hutch I am working on for a clientMineral King cabinFarewell Gap


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This year I am going to spend more time on my bike….and maybe just a little less time in front of a canvas. This does not mean I will not be painting every day!!I have been trying a bit of still life painting, and I am enjoying it…wow, never thought I would!!!


Red Rain Boots

The Last of Fall

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