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I have been so very busy finishing furniture orders, and oil paintings..just 4 more left! I posted a saying that I thought of on facebook the other day, and it goes like this…Employed: you have a job. Self emplyoyed: the job has you! That pretty much is how I have been feeling for the last year! I can’t wait to get back outside for some plein air work!!! There is nothing like that wide open landscape reference, and not to mention, the best lighting there is!

a peek at a corner hutch I am working on for a clientMineral King cabinFarewell Gap


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New Art..

Hi,I am back….and now realizing that not “everyone” has facebook. I display my daily paintings on facebook, and sale many off of that. I am just finishing up Christmas jobs, which may be a little to wet to wrap!!! The gallery has been pretty steady. And I am fortunate to have a helping staff. Sue is in on Fridays, and Tina St. John has been in on Thursdays with her jewelry. And…thank you mom! (she has been feeling in when I need).

To enter the drawing to win this 8x10 oil, just go to my facebook page, Colors Art Gallery, and follow the instructions...good luck!

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Painting a Day

Today I painted off of a photo I took in Harmony of the old Dodge pickup out back of the glass shop. I really wish I was there painting it, but this will have to do. I love that place!6×12 $95…….not sure why it turned out huge!

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I have been painting away…I just haven’t posted in awhile. Here are some more of my painting a day pics.been painting plein air alot lately, and loving it. I forced myself to drag my supplies, and my butt out and about. Wow!! The lighting, the freshness, the great outdoors!! I really don’t want it any other way. Now to invent for myself some easy  canvas and oil carriers. I think I will just look online.

                                                                         N.Fork River, oil on canvas 24×36 $375

                                                                         Cool River, 12×12, $95

                                                                         Blue Door in Harmony, 12×12 $95

                                                                              Evening River, 30×36 $425  SOLD

                                                                                   River Trail, 12×12 $95

                                                                       Lonely Tree, 6×12  $45



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A Painting A Day

I have been working on my paintings a day, haven’t quite found time to keep them posted on facebook and my blog.  Facebook seems to have alot more action for me , so untill I find more time that is where you will find the daily painting postings.

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My seventh painting a day is of the lavender farm. I have been wanting to paint this adobe home for years, and finally I have! This painting is an oil on canvas, 24×36 and is $400

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This one is 24″ x 36″, and is a painting of the Shatner ranch. The cost is $375. Thanks for being patient, I still have photos sitting somewhere in this blog….they are invisible to you, because I can’t figure out how to get them!!! Just when I thaught I had it all down.

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