My seventh painting a day is of the lavender farm. I have been wanting to paint this adobe home for years, and finally I have! This painting is an oil on canvas, 24×36 and is $400


This one is 24″ x 36″, and is a painting of the Shatner ranch. The cost is $375. Thanks for being patient, I still have photos sitting somewhere in this blog….they are invisible to you, because I can’t figure out how to get them!!! Just when I thaught I had it all down.

Thanks to Nadi, I now am starting to post my painting a day.  I do think technology got the best of me…..hours wasted trying to figure this computer stuff out. Yet we all know there is not a place in the world without it!  Anyway, I am having fun with a painting a day.

I am waking up in the mornings anxious to start my daily painting.  I will post all that I have done on Fri. I will also try and talk Jana into joining Nadi and I in this great challenge. It would be very cool if we had a group of artists doing it from Three Rivers


A peek inside the gallery!

Now I’m just waiting for my battery charger to get here…and NEW photos will appear! I am working on my one painting a day in plein air. Nadi Spencer got me going on this task, and I am having fun with it. I really haven’t got any more time in the day, but I’m squeezin’ it in!


Are we having fun yet? Thanks for checking in – I’m SURE I’ll have something new for you to see soon. After all, computers aren’t that hard to figure out, right?

In need of a seamstress…yes, a pillowmaker! I have designed some of what I am looking for, now all I need is someone who is familiar with a sewing machine, and some spare time. Colors has room for soft cushy, fun, and funky accent pillows.  I am also looking for some type of hand woven throw rugs, any artisan out there making those? It is part of the joy of having Colors Art Gallery issearching out the art that fills it up.